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What to Know Before Hiring a Gutter Cleaning Company 


Have you been looking for gutter cleaning in Raleigh, NC? Clean gutters protect our homes and businesses from water damage. The most suitable gutter cleaning service utilizes modern techniques, safe tools, and friendly customer service. Keep reading to learn the tips for hiring a gutter cleaning company for your next outdoor project.

1. Customer Testimonials

Valuable information found on Google, Yelp, and Facebook helps customers understand the reputation of gutter cleaning companies. Negative reviews of gutter cleaning companies ignoring customer requests or poorly completing work provide helpful insights. Positive reviews praising a gutter cleaning company’s friendly customer service indicate preferable business practices.

2. Business Licensing and Insurance

Always confirm a gutter cleaning service holds a valid business license and insurance. Without proper insurance, workers injured on your property pose an enormous liability. Homeowner’s insurance may not cover accidental damage or injury to employees, leaving you required to pay hefty costs yourself. Ask your local gutter cleaning company if they have state-approved business licensing, and request the details of their insurance policy.

3. Tools and Equipment

Gutter cleaning services utilize different tools than roof or window cleaning services. The tools used to perform gutter cleaning services remove debris without causing damage to gutters or buildings. Pressure washing gutters require high-degree nozzles designed to protect fragile siding and gutters. Ensure gutter cleaning companies employ appropriate tools for safely and effectively removing debris.

4. Main Focus

Does your local gutter cleaning company provide window, roof, and power washing services? Companies offering a wide range of services may be tempting; however, preferable companies specialize in gutter cleaning. Narrowing your focus on companies specializing in gutter cleaning services helps simplify your search.

5. Guarantees

Guarantees promote trust between companies and consumers. Customers can cite a company’s “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” to efficiently resolve issues of incomplete jobs or unsatisfactory cleaning services. Explore your local gutter cleaning company’s website for warranties and pledges protecting you from paying for substandard services.

6. Experience

How long has your local gutter cleaning company been in business? Gutter cleaning in Raleigh, NC, requires years of experience and knowledge. The enticing low costs offered by newer companies may underscore mediocre services. Find gutter cleaning companies wielding at least five years of experience and view pictures of their previous work.

7. Cost

Gutter cleaning services vary according to the scale of cleaning and unforeseen repair costs, and fixed costs may not always be available. However, reputable gutter cleaning companies always offer cost estimates. Always avoid companies refusing to supply an estimate. Call several gutter cleaning services to receive quotes before selecting any particular cleaning service.

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