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Vortex Pro Wash is not new to disinfecting.

We understand that this is a trying time for all of us and every day we are chartering new waters.

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Our intention is to stay open and to provide the same exceptional service that we always have to our clients, if we are able to, without further endangering our staff, our clients, or the general public.

Vortex Pro Wash would like to point out a few key items regarding what we are doing as a company in response to COVID-19 and how we may be of help to your business. 

What you can expect from us:

Limited personal exposure – All quotes, scheduling, and invoicing are completed electronically. As much as we love shaking hands and even hugging our clients, we will refrain during this time! 


Employees – All employees have been directed to inform management immediately should they or a member of their household be experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 or other illness. The employee will then immediately be required to refrain from reporting to work. 

What value we can provide to you during this pandemic:

Well the good thing is, we are in the CLEAN business! Every day we use industrial strength cleaners, including bleach to kill organic growth. Yes, this includes germs! We are capable of sanitizing high traffic areas so that your properties can remain as safe as possible should they stay open or when they re-open. This includes but is not limited to parking garages, exterior stairwells/handrails, playgrounds, exterior furniture, shopping carts, and other horizontal and vertical surfaces. 


Is your property currently closed or have limited staff on site? This may be the perfect time to get that work done that may otherwise interrupt daily operations.


Vortex Pro Wash stands ready to assist our community in any way. Trust the professionals in disinfecting.

Vortex Pro Wash Commercial Pressure Washing

We can spray all of your carts in disinfectant at a large capacity to cover ALL the nooks and crannies.