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Parking Lot and Garage Cleaning in Raleigh NC

Parking lots and garages see heavy traffic every day, often leaving them full of contaminants such as motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, brake fluid, and many other potentially hazardous chemicals. Additionally, heavy traffic causes these surfaces to retain smells, which significantly affect the overall experience of a customer paying for commercial parking. 

Keeping your commercial parking lot or garage clean and scrubbed should be high on your priority lists. It might help you attract and retain more customers as well as provide a healthier and safer working environment for your employees. 

Vortex Pro Wash is a leading pressure washing service provider in the Raleigh, NC, area. We offer a full range of cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. Our parking lot and garage cleaning services can help you improve the physical appearance of your commercial parking facilities by removing stubborn stains and smells that might be deterring your customers from coming back. 

Reasons to Have Your Parking Lot and Garage Cleaned

  • Safety should be your primary concern when thinking about having your garage or parking lot cleaned professionally. Heavy traffic from vehicles leaves many chemicals and fluids that might pose a significant safety hazard. A customer slipping on an oil spill or viscous fluids from a malfunctioning car could leave you liable for damages incurred from the fall. 
  • Admittedly, parking lots and garages do not have a stellar reputation when it comes to cleanliness and curb appeal. Make yours stand out! Putting effort into having a clean facility could do wonders for your business. People genuinely enjoy using areas that make them feel comfortable rather than tense and stressed. 
  • Cleaning the parking garage or lot on a regular schedule is essential to the successful maintenance and efficient use of your resources. Heavy traffic requires weekly or biweekly cleaning, but it also enables you to take care of your surfaces quickly and not allow the debris and stains to build up over time.

Why Choose Us at Vortex Pro Wash?

At Vortex Pro Wash, we use a proprietary hot-water system for cleaning garages and parking facilities. This system includes a specialized pre-treatment process that helps with more stubborn stains and debris. Additionally, using the right amount of pressure is key to successfully cleaning the more challenging elements without the use of toxic chemicals. Using the same system, Vortex Pro Wash can also take care of garage walls, driving lanes, and walkways. 

The heart of our business model is our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If customers are not satisfied with the services performed, we will go back and make it right. We would like to recommend our garage and parking lot maintenance plan, which offers regular cleaning visits that should keep your commercial parking space pristine.

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Vortex Pro Wash is a leading pressure washing service provider in the Raleigh, NC, area. We offer top-of-the-line garage and parking lot cleaning services using a hot-water pressure-washing system. We can help make your garage or parking facility healthier and more appealing. 

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