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Graffiti Removal Services in Raleigh NC

Graffiti refers to writing, drawing, or painting on buildings, overpasses, cars, trains, and other surfaces. When painted with proper permissions, graffiti can be a work of art. But when street artists tag property illegally and inappropriately—an act often associated with urban gangs in some cities—the vandalism and defacing of property overshadow any potential beauty. 

The result is an eyesore for home and business owners. Property owners face the need to clean the graffiti from their walls or sidings, sometimes repeatedly. When this happens to you, be sure to call Vortex Pro Wash—we can restore your walls and remove the damaging markings.

Negative Effects of Graffiti on Your Business

First impressions matters a lot in business, as you know. Having street graffiti on your exterior walls may create a perception for your potential customers that your location is in an undesirable or crime-ridden part of town—causing them to avoid doing business with you. 

Malicious acts of graffiti and vandalism can have a devastating effect on the aesthetics of your property and on your reputation. Graffiti can also lower your commercial property value. Even what seems to be the most insignificant marking can damage the credibility of your company and cause a loss of customers. 

If you want your business to thrive, it’s best to act fast and hire professional graffiti removal services from Vortex Pro Wash. 

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Four Factors That Affect How Graffiti Removal Services Work

While it’s possible to remove graffiti from virtually all types of surfaces, it is vital to choose the right graffiti removal service that knows the safest process for your particular building’s material substrate. Let’s look at four factors that determine the method and ease of removing graffiti from your property:

  • Temperature: Graffiti removal depends on temperature levels outside. We can usually remove graffiti more quickly during warm weather, since the warmth speeds up the rate at which our professional-grade graffiti remover seeps into your surface.
  • Type of Graffiti: Graffiti materials come in many styles and forms such as spray paints, markers, and adhesive labels. The nature of the material used to create the graffiti will determine the type of graffiti remover we’ll use and how fast we can remove it. 
  • Type of Surface Affected: The more porous a surface is the harder it is to remove the graffiti. Natural stones, concrete, and travertine—as well as brick and wood—absorb the paint faster, making it harder to remove the graffiti markings.
  • Time: The longer graffiti stays on your walls, the deeper it will penetrate and the harder the removal can be.  

Expert Graffiti Removal Procedures

Most graffiti can be removed with the right combination of equipment, professional-grade graffiti removers, the right pressure, and hot water. Graffiti removal is not easy. An inadequate attempt at removal can leave unsightly disfiguration to your wall. It takes skilled workmanship to remove graffiti without damaging your property. 

At Vortex Pro Wash, our skilled technicians know and use the right combination of equipment, professional-grade graffiti removers, high pressure, and hot water to remove the graffiti. Our process is effective and safe. We won’t damage delicate surfaces or leave unsightly marks or shadowing. 

Because we do a precise job of removing graffiti, we will protect the appearance of your walls made of brick, concrete, wood or other material. Ultimately, we save you time and money in future repairs. And we restore the sharp, clean appearance of your business.

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Time is of the essence when careless acts of vandalism damage your business property. The longer you let graffiti stay on your property, the harder it will be to remove. 

At Vortex Pro Wash, we are the go-to experts for all pressure washing and graffiti removal services in Raleigh, NC, and surrounding communities. We can restore the professional image of your business quickly and affordably. Contact us at Vortex Pro Wash today for a free, no-obligation quote.