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Christmas Light Installation in Raleigh NC

We Make It Easy for You!

Holiday lights are a hallowed tradition and a hallmark of the festive winter season in North Carolina. These fixtures add a sparkle to your Christmas holidays and spruce up the appearance of your house as well as your spirit! 


As attractive as they are, installing lighting designs on your house can be a real hassle—and has been the source of more than a few family squabbles. We want you and your family to be able to enjoy the best holiday festivities ever this year, with no arguments about who’s going to climb on the roof and hang the lights this time around!

Take a Break and Let Us Install Your Lights This Year

Eat, drink, and have fun in the spirit of Christmas. Let us at Vortex Pro Wash take care of your light display! We serve all communities in the greater Raleigh, NC, area.

If you want a memorable holiday but hate the frustration and aggravation of putting up your Christmas Lights, we at Vortex Pro Wash will come to your rescue. 

You may not think of a pressure wash company when it comes to hanging lights, but we have decorative lighting experts and use superior decorations, ensuring you an extraordinarily beautiful lighting display of lights. We offer fantastic choices to create that perfect aesthetic touch and the sophistication you want for your home and neighborhood. 

We’ll help you avoid the embarrassment of snaggletooth light strings that fail to perform or the limitations of working with lights left over from last year’s decorations. We can install all types of decorative lights, accents, and other animated displays on various surfaces quickly and efficiently.

Our Christmas Installation Includes:

Design Consultation

We understand well that homeowners have different lighting installation needs. Vortex Pro Wash always consults with the customers to know what you want and decide about the best way to bring your ideas and vision to reality. Best of all, our consultation is free! Give us a call, and one of our technicians will visit your home to explore your lighting installation options.


Once we know what types and designs of Christmas lights you want, Vortex Pro Wash will send you Christmas light installers who are fully licensed and insured. Whether you want your lights blinking or bright, colored or white, our Christmas lights will take your celebration to a new level. Our process is hassle-free, safe, and efficient for you, with no inconvenience.


 Like every fixture or system around your home, Christmas lights can fail suddenly. At Vortex Pro Wash, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for all your Christmas lights, displays, and decorations throughout the festive season. We monitor and service these fixtures to make sure your lighting and displays continue operating as they should. Our able professionals will respond to any service calls swiftly if a bulb goes out or the wind blows a reindeer off the roof. 


Takedowns are always sad moments. When the merrymaking and festivities are over, you’ll need someone to remove the lights safely. Our technicians take care of removal.  We do it carefully, so you won’t end up with tangled strings of lights or damaged figures. 

Depend on Vortex Pro Wash to Hang Your Christmas Lights

 Vortex Pro Wash is a premiere Christmas light installation service in Raleigh. We are secured, bonded, and have experienced light technicians who make your work easier and bring your dream light design to reality.  We’ve been serving Raleigh homeowners diligently for more than five years and understand your Christmas holiday lighting needs better than anyone! 

Let us take care of every aspect of your Christmas holiday displays. Please call us today!