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Roof Cleaning in Raleigh NC

Roof Cleaning Raleigh

How often do you clean your roof? Most people don’t think about roof cleaning, assuming that the North Carolina rains will keep it clean. However, a good deal of moss, algae, and dirt can build up on your roof in just a year. 

That’s why you need to have your roof cleaned regularly. Left untreated, these organisms can foster unsightly black streaks on your roof, which can leave damage if untreated. Your shiny roof will also lose its curb appeal, which may make it harder for you to sell your property.

Homes are significant investments, so be sure to take care of yours by keeping its roof clean and keeping your family healthy.

At Vortex Pro Wash, we provide fast and hassle-free roof cleaning services to homes and businesses in Raleigh, NC, and surrounding communities. We are fully licensed and insured to offer pressure washing services in your area. 

Common Problems That Indicate You Need Your Roof Cleaned


The black mold-like stains and streaks that appear on our North Carolina roofs may not be mold but rather a blue-green algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma. This organic invader, found in areas with warm and humid summers, usually grows on the north side of the roof where there’s direct sun exposure and can cause hot spots.  Instead of reflecting light, it absorbs it. What’s worse is that it collects and retains moisture that can damage shingles and underlying wood structures.


Depending on the species and age, mold can manifest as black, brown, or dark green blotches on your roof. Moisture deposits are the number one cause of mold, which can affect the looks of your roof—and your family members’ health, too. If mold remains untreated for long, your problems will grow from bad to worse.


You might think your roof looks quaint and rustic if you see green moss growing on it, but moss can kill a roof over time. Moss loves wood and asphalt, but you may also find it on roofs made of clay, concrete, or metal. As it grows on shingled roofs, it actually lifts up the shingles, encouraging rainwater or snowmelt to seep under the shingles and begin to rot the wood framing underneath.

Roof Cleaning Raleigh

Low-Pressure Roof Washing

At Vortex Pro Wash, our solutions are gentle on the roof but tough on dirt and algae, leaving your roof spotless. We use a variety of safe but effective techniques to clean your moldy or moss-ridden roof. High-pressure washing can damage your roof shingles and void your roof’s warranty, so we take much care to keep it gentle.

We combine eco-friendly cleaning chemicals with an extremely low-pressure spray method to clean your roof.  We apply algaecide twice: first to neutralize the black streaks of algae on the roof then a subsequent application to kill it 100%. Each application contains an additive that hinders future algae growth and prolongs your roof’s life.

Benefits of Getting Your Roof Cleaned by Vortex Pro Wash

When you call us in to clean your roof professionally, it can:


Extend the Life of Your Roof

Most people expect a roof to last 20 or 25 years. However, your roof may not last that long if harmful organisms take it over. Our roof cleaning solution dislodges microorganisms, preventing them from breeding and colonizing your roof. In turn, this cleaning extends the life of your roof and prevents simple maintenance from turning into unnecessary repairs or replacements.


Eliminate Safety Concerns

Roof cleaning is dangerous business, not your typical DIY cleaning job. Rooftop workers risk not only falling—which is by far the top cause of accident and injury—but also the dangers of handling electrical power tools and extreme temperatures.

Working on roofs is something that amateurs should avoid. We recommend that you let our professionals handle the cleaning work the best way they know how.

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Increased Curb Appeal

Black streaks and stains that form on top of your roof can get in the way of your selling your home fast. These organisms make your home look less appealing. Would-be buyers may like the house, but they will quickly lose interest when they realize there’s a layer of algae or moss.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, be sure to make sure the roof looks and stays clean. A clean roof or exterior can make a massive difference in the eyes of potential buyers.


Eliminate the Need for Expensive Repairs or Replacements

You don’t need to replace your roof if it gets infested with mildew, moss, or algae. Our soft roof cleaning approach is highly effective, and it can restore the looks and beauty of the roof while eliminating contaminants. Best of all, it costs a fraction of full-scale roof repairs and replacements.

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Vortex Pro Wash can prolong the life of your roof with safe and cost-effective cleaning services. We provide free estimates to local customers in the Raleigh, NC, area who are in urgent need of roof cleaning needs. We are also the go-to experts for your same-day pressure washing in Raleigh! Please call us today.