Three good reasons to hire a company to pressure wash your home

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residential pressure wash

You might be a weekend warrior who is itching to spend $300-$800 on a gas-powered pressure washing thinking you’re going to pick up a new skill and save some money in the long run. “I don’t need to hire a pressure washing company!” Here are some important things to consider before you run to Home Depot to pick up the latest and greatest pressure washer.

1 – Hiring professionals can save you money

I know what your thinking, “Of course the blog on the pressure washing company site says you should hire the professionals!” But, let’s use common sense. You should get your house professionally cleaned about once per year. Now I’m sure you could find other cool uses for that gas-powered pressure washer like doing the dishes or scaring squirrels, but do you want to store and maintain a pressure washer?

There are a lot of components that go into cleaning a house correctly and a big one is the amount of pressure you use. You may think that more pressure means a cleaner house, but soft washing has become the industry standard and using the industry-proven detergents is often the key to a clean deck, siding, or roof.

The wrong pressure setting can cause permanent and unsightly damage to your home. You can also break seals on windows and doors as well as remove paint and finish.

2 – Your Safety

Not having the right equipment can lead to unnecessary risks. For example, it is not safe to operate a pressure washer from a ladder. If you clean what you can reach and then can’t reach the top you might be tempted to just finish the job, but please consider safety first.

Not having experience using a high-pressure machine can lead to mistakes that can lead to injury.

3 – Your Time

We all get the same amount of time in a day. How would you like to spend your Saturday? With a consumer-grade pressure washer, it can take all day to clean a deck, siding, and roof leaving you tired and exhausted. One phone call to Vortex Pro Wash and you have your Saturday back.

The time it takes a professional power washing company to clean your house versus doing it yourself is a lot like driving through the car wash at your local gas station versus getting out the buckets, soap, wax, rags, towels, brushes, and hose to clean your car in your driveway.

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