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Signs It’s Time to Pressure Wash Your Apartment Complex’s Outdoor Common Area in Raleigh NC

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When looking for a place to call home in Raleigh, NC, apartment hunters seek clean and well-maintained complexes inside and out. A property in good condition is more likely to attract long-term tenants and increase demand for your units. Simply offering a long list of amenities isn’t enough — tenants must be able (and want) to use them.

Pressure washing Raleigh apartment complexes is one way landlords and property owners can attract and retain tenants. Taking good care of outdoor common areas like sidewalks, stairwells, breezeways, paths, and pool decks protects tenant safety, well-being, and satisfaction. If you don’t already schedule regular pressure washing services for your Raleigh area complex, here are some signs it’s time to have a power washing company clean common areas.

You Can See Accumulated Dirt

When dirt and grime accumulate over time, it’s not always obvious. However, visitors to your complex — including prospective tenants — will notice when common areas look dingy and dirty. High-traffic areas like stairways and walkways are especially vulnerable to built-up dirt, but professional power washing can restore a fresh and clean appearance.

Keeping stairwells and hardscaping features like retaining walls and paths clean also helps keep your apartment complex safer. Dirty surfaces can create pedestrian hazards, increasing the risk of falls and injuries. For example, poorly maintained stairways can cause accidents when tenants slip or trip on debris.

By scheduling regular pressure washing, Raleigh apartment complex managers can prevent the effects of deferred maintenance and keep their properties safe and attractive. Dirt doesn’t have a chance to accumulate and detracts from everything else your complex offers.

No One is Using the Common Areas

Your tenants are less likely to use dirty and neglected common areas, opting for better-maintained spaces instead. If tenants spend less time outdoors or picnic areas, jogging paths, or playground equipment are often deserted, have a power washing service clean them. When your residents notice the clean areas, they’re more likely to use them.

Two spots that need regular pressure washing in Raleigh area apartment complexes are the pool deck and picnic areas. The pool area is likely to be busy during the summer, but accumulated dirt and debris can discourage tenants from using the amenity. Include regular pressure washing services as part of the routine pool area maintenance to ensure the area is safe and welcoming.

The same goes for outdoor barbecue and picnic areas. These spots, like the pool area, are susceptible to dirt and grime from heavy use. Spilled food and drink can cause stains and attract pests if not cleaned regularly.

Maintaining outdoor gathering spaces and the surrounding areas keeps them safe and welcoming to your residents. Don’t let the investment in common areas go to waste by neglecting them to the point that residents avoid them.

The Season is Changing

Ideally, apartment complex common areas need pressure washing at least once a year. Cleaning outdoor spaces when the weather warms up can make them more appealing to tenants eager to get outside and enjoy the complex’s amenities. A springtime power washing service eliminates accumulated winter grime and leaves everything fresh and clean for the summer.

You’ve Had Erosion Problems

Heavy rain or drainage problems in the apartment complex can cause widespread erosion in parking lots and paved paths. If paved areas consistently have standing water and puddles after it rains, or soil erosion creates mud in common areas, you need power washing to remove the dirt from cracks and crevices and eliminate the splotches and stains left behind.

Erosion isn’t the only cause of stains on paved areas. Pressure washing the parking lot can remove stains from vehicle fluids, as well as gum, dirt, and spilled food and drink. Cleaning the pavement keeps it looking great, helps prevent cracks and potholes, and ensures resident satisfaction.

The Most Important Common Areas to Power Wash in Apartment Complexes

To keep your Raleigh, NC, apartment complex in the best condition, use the following power washing checklist to ensure all the most essential common areas stay clean and well-maintained.

  • Resident gathering areas. This includes outdoor gathering areas like patios, barbecue areas, and outdoor eating spots, including picnic tables and chairs.
  • Playground equipment. If your complex has a children’s play area, clean the surfaces of swings, slides, climbing surfaces, and toys to ensure a safe and sanitary space.
  • Pool decks. Pressure wash the pool area, including the pool furniture, to eliminate dirt, grime, mildew, and other contaminants.
  • Paths. Clean paths from the parking lot to buildings, between buildings, and walking and jogging trails for safety.
  • Breezeways. Pressure washing Raleigh apartment complex breezeways — covered walkways between buildings — keeps them clean and safe.
  • Stairways. Keep high-traffic stairways clean and prevent injuries with thorough pressure washing.

Keeping these important shared spaces clean, along with maintaining the apartment buildings, parking lots, and garages, can help keep your residents happy and attract new residents to your complex. Again, it’s not enough to offer an amenity like a pool or playground. If the common areas are unusable, prospective residents will seek a cleaner and better-maintained community.

Power washing common areas in your apartment complex also prevent damage and the need for costly repairs. Neglected surfaces covered in dirt, bird droppings, mildew, and mold are vulnerable to deterioration, which is both unsightly and potentially dangerous. Cleaning surfaces protects underlying structures.

Call Vortex Pro Wash for Pressure Washing Services in Raleigh

When they need pressure washing in Raleigh, apartment complex managers rely on Vortex Pro Wash for professional cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services. Our trained and certified pressure washing pros have a reputation for the most thorough and effective exterior cleaning in the Raleigh area. From siding and roofs to sidewalks, playgrounds, stairwells, and paths, they will leave your apartment complex common areas sparkling clean and safe.

Our service area includes Raleigh and the surrounding communities. Call us today at (919) 205-2518 to schedule a power washing service from our five-star rated company today.

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